Best practices for speakers for a successful virtual presentation:

There are two parts: 1) your pre-recorded Loom presentation and 2) your live Q&A via Zoom with Moderators and Audience

  1. Presenters should have good sound. If you plan to present regularly, invest in a USB microphone like the Blue Yeti nano.
  2. Try very hard to get a wired connection to the internet. WiFi has error correction which causes delays and stuttering a good portion of the time. Wired connection are MUCH more consistent and professional.
  3. You should have a clean uncluttered background without any windows. *
  4. You should raise your laptop camera up even with your eyes if possible so we are not looking up noses or at ceiling fans spinning over heads. The simple solution is to put books under your laptop.
  5. You should have as much light in front of you as possible. A large lamp with a white lampshade directly behind your laptop is a great solution.
  6. Register for a Zoom account so we can identify you when you are presenting or moderating on zoom.
  7. Register for the convention on the Whova app so we can find and communicate with you.
  8. Be familiar with the Whova App which will be the HUB of the virtual meeting.
  9. Be sure to mute your microphone until ready to speak
  10. Familiarize yourself with Zoom if not already.

*Using Hawaiian scenic green screen backgrounds during your Zoom are encouraged.