File Upload Instructions - Deadline is September 30, 2020

Before uploading your file - please save/name your file as follows:

"submission ID # - your last name"  >>> For example: 004 - Johnson.mp4

NOTE: please be sure to put a space between the number and dash and last name. If you need to send a revision, label as follows:  REV - 004 - Johnson.mp4

You can find your reference / submission ID# in your confirmation email from: WsAUA 2020 <>
It may be either a 1, 2 or 3 digit number but please convert to 3 digits if not already by placing zeros in front.

When you go to the pCloud upload page (see below) please add your file(s) and then type your full name on the name box - this will create a folder in pCloud so we can access your file(s) and find you.

If you need to upload a replacement video, please also send an email to:  - So that we know to replace your previous submission with the more recent one. You can also direct various technical support questions to that email address and we will try to respond within 24 hours.

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